Plus Size and Pregnant? Find Best Fitted Maternity Clothes in 5 Minutes

21st Jul 2017

Pregnancy should be the time of happiness and exciting anticipation, not the time to worry about what to wear or whether the clothes would fit. If you want to get rid of the stress of shopping, there are two things you can do: accept yourself as you are and embrace your new state of mind and shape of your body. Only then, will you be able to truly live in the moment and enjoy this magical transformation period.

Plus size women often have hard times choosing regular clothes, so they fret choosing maternity clothes as well. There is a common misconception about maternity plus size clothes is bulky and adds more volume and curves, which is the opposite of what plus size women want.

Most plus sized women have completely normal pregnancies, even though there is a statistical data and research that puts excessive weight into the same risk category as high blood pressure, smoking and drinking. This is not to say that you should continue your lifestyle without changes when you are pregnant. Adopt a new, healthier way of eating and do mild exercises regularly and, of course, consult with your doctor on the best way to approach your weight during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is not the best time to go on a diet, but many pregnant women actually lose the weight without any dieting. Most of the times weight loss is caused by the morning sickness, that overall suppresses your appetite. Another reason why pregnant women lose weight is that they have some extra calories that get consumed by the growing body. So cutting your food intake is a definite no, but you can still expect to lose weight, which is a wonderful news.

So how do you make the seamless transition to maternity clothing?

  1. Invest in good maternity wear

Don’t go a size bigger with your regular clothing. The temptation to buy loose clothing is high but turns out plus size maternity wear is made to better accommodate woman's growing and changing body. Shoulder space and the rise of plus size maternity pants define how the clothing will fit and usually, these dimensions are way off in regular clothing. Maternity brands, on the other hand, pay particular attention to those metrics because they know how important they are for the right fitted pregnancy clothes.

The range of maternity clothing offered these days cater to any style and taste. Whether you prefer online shopping or actually going to the store, there is no doubt you will find great maternity clothing. And most of the trendy plus size maternity brands offer a large selection of dresses, pants, shirts, and underwear of all the imaginable sizes, so don’t be afraid of not finding the right clothes.

  1. Repurpose your current wardrobe

Some plus size women report not changing in size when they are pregnant. The difference is so subtle that you might not need to change the wardrobe at all. The general rule of thumb is to buy only what you need and don’t stock up on plus size pregnancy clothes in the first trimester - you never know how your body will change and whether you will need any maternity wear after all.

There is one exception to this rule though - do purchase a couple of maternity bras and nursing underwear. They provide extra support and have easy openings that you can utilize after you give birth for feeding the baby.

  1. Find the best fit

Finding the right maternity clothes for plus size women store is hard. You will make some mistakes along the way but once you found the perfect fit, stick to it. There is really nothing wrong with sticking to one brand and buying every piece of clothing from them.

If you found a pair of maternity jeans that fit you well, most likely all the pants in the store will be a good match. Same goes for maternity underwear, shorts, maternity plus size dresses and workout clothes. Just like with a regular clothing store you might decide that one brand serves your needs perfectly and that will make shopping easier and less burdensome.

  1. Choose stretchy fabric and don’t be afraid of layers

Your body is changing at a lightning speed and the first difference that you will notice will be your bump size and the cleavage. Waist can grow up to 15 inches during the pregnancy. So if you want to feel comfortable and save your family budget, go for knits or woven fabric as well as Lycra. Anything that envelops the body in all the right places is a great maternity fashion find.

Layers is another taboo fashion trend for plus size women. However, if you find the right balance between layered clothing and fitted clothing your outfit can become a hit. Combine a T shirt, a shirt and a flowy cardigan and simple skinny jeans.

  1. Find the balance

Because body proportions change during the pregnancy it can be hard to find the balance of accessories, clothing and shoe wear and highlight the most beautiful parts.

Go for signature necklaces with maternity dresses and make sure your accessories are large enough to get noticed. Also be careful with prints. Plus size women should wear prints but favor large prints rather than a small print pattern to emphasize the figure. Patterns take attention away from the figure and highlight your feminine glow.

  1. Embrace your curves

Most plus size women complain about their clothes being boxy and too flowy, adding an additional layer of volume. But you can use the clothing to create an illusion of a perfect shape. For example, V neck shirts can create a visual illusion of a longer neck. Find your unique style and embrace the dresses, because they come in all shapes and size and even plus size pregnant women can find something suitable in the assortment of maternity dresses offered these days.

Clothing is probably the last thing that comes to mind of a pregnant plus size woman. The majority of plus size women are usually concerned about whether their weight hurts the baby.

You can still stay within the healthy limits and experience no complications whatsoever, but just so you can track your stats - you are considered overweight if your pre pregnancy body mass index is between 25 and 30. If your BMI falls within that range you are advised to gain 6-10 kg, if your BMI is higher you should be careful not to gain more than 5-9 kg during pregnancy.

The odds of having pregnancy complications when you are overweight are certainly high, but there are also numerous plus size women for whom pregnancy and giving birth were easy and worry free. So don’t be afraid of change, ask for the support you need from family and your doctor and enjoy these wonderful days of being the best version of yourself!

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