Maternity Work Clothes - How To Dress To Work When Pregnant

Maternity Work Clothes - How To Dress To Work When Pregnant

23rd Aug 2017

Work is an important part of our lives and identities. But when you’re pregnant priorities change a little. You breathe deeper, you have all those thoughts about cute baby clothes in your head and all of a sudden the cleanliness of your apartment becomes the question of life and death. But as much as we would like to focus on one thing, pregnancy only lasts 9 months and there will always be other things that demand your attention. Work is one of them. In fact, balancing and work might be hard, but if you’re able to achieve that balance, you will be able to enjoy the warming support of your coworkers and still achieve career goals.

Work wardrobe during the first trimester

The first trimester is probably the easiest to survive at work because you can easily spend it in your regular clothes. It is unlikely that your coworkers will see any change, and you can enjoy your pregnancy in complete secrecy.

You might need to undo the top button on your skirts and pants closer to the second trimester, but you can cover it with flowy tops and a loose button down shirts. You can even create an improvised DIY maternity panel by looping a rubber band through the buttonhole and then wrapping it around the button.

Second trimester and how to cover pregnancy

This is when it gets tricky. While the first trimester feels like a normal life, in the second part your pregnancy will start to show. You will probably look like you’ve gained a little weight and face some awkward questions from the co workers. Buy pants with elastic waistband or the ones that are low rise and sit below your waist. Be creative with your pregnancy outfits and try yoga pants or cotton pants that can pass for work pants.

Tops have to remain flowy and feminine. They will conceal your pregnancy perfectly. Go for natural fabrics such as cotton, jersey, and viscose.

If you already disclosed your pregnancy at work, you can start wearing elegant dresses and more fitted tops.

Third trimester - revealing the secret

This is the time when you can’t conceal your pregnancy anymore and have to reveal the secret. It will become a lot easier to dress thereof. Here are 9 must have items for soon to be moms:

  1. Flowy blouse - for those hot summer days, when the AC is not working properly and you need a little more room to breathe

  2. Black work pants - a work wardrobe staple, that can easily be paired with any top or blouse

  3. A work blazer - a perfect addition to a summer dress to make it more business like or to rock that tough business lady look

  1. Work shirt - go for a loose button down shirt so that you can look professional and feel comfortable

  2. Work dress - if you need one item in your wardrobe that you can throw on whenever you’re running late, the dress will be it. It gives you professional but feminine look, is extremely comfortable and makes you look beautiful and elegant.

  3. The accessories - splurge on some gorgeous accessories such as a statement necklace, beautiful earrings, a brooch and a scarf. When you wear some bigger pieces make sure your clothing is neutral and isn’t too revealing. Add a little handbag for that complete look of a real lady.

  4. Maternity tights - if you find yourself pregnant during winter months, you can look into maternity tights. They will ensure you don’t get varicose veins or spider veins by the end of your pregnancy and provide enough comfort and warmth to get you through the cold.

Combine these pieces, mix, and match and you will get amazing outfits to wear each single day.

And don’t forget about the shoes either. Even if you are used to always walking in heels, the period of bearing a child can become a serious test for you, including your legs. Problems such as veins, the formation of thrombi can seriously disrupt the condition of the pregnant woman and the development of the embryo.

If you do not want to give up shoes on the heels, don’t. Only until you find yourself feeling uncomfortable. Then change to more comfortable shoes. You can pick something on the heel, changing the usual 10-15 cm to the less critical 3-5 cm. It's better to look out for something from the range of sandals or open shoes.

Formal celebrations

There is no better wardrobe item than a black dress whether you’re pregnant or not. The accessories will make your dress look different every day. Add some jewelry, pick a different bag and change shoe style once in awhile. Also look at shawls and flowy cardigans to throw on top of your dress to make it more cozy and casual when the formal celebration is approaching its end. A ball gown will be a bit harder to find, but some maternity stores do offer them. You can also search the formal wear rental service - in that case, you can rent a gown for a night or two and don’t have to worry about anything.

Pregnant women should first and foremost take care of the health of their baby, therefore at the heart of everything they do should not be the rules, but the convenience of clothing. And once you have selected the wardrobe based on the comfort factor, you can see if it’s in compliance with work rules.

When selecting things for work, focus on color. At this stage, it will be difficult for you to wear tight suits and skirts or trousers with a tight belt, which means that soft lines will prevail in clothes. It is better to maintain balance, picking out the single-color items or pastel shades, as well as black. Do not get carried away with the latter: in spite of the fact that this is almost an ideal office variant, the abundance of dark tones does not help to raise the mood and stay emotionally stable. Bright colors should be avoided, combined with flowing lines they will give an informal look to the outfits.

Even if you are proud of your position to such an extent that you want to share your joy with everyone, at work, it's best to refrain your excitement. This will be better for you too: in the office, it will be easier for you to focus, if your belly is hidden, and not distracting you and your companions. However, this does not mean that you need to wrap yourself in a huge amount of clothes: choose simple things but don’t reveal too much.

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