Maternity Wedding Dresses for Bride

1st Nov 2017

Wedding during pregnancy or more popularly called “shotgun weddings” has been a controversial topic in the wedding sphere. Many people are against the wedding and believe that wedding during pregnancy is not a sign of genuine interest to be married to each other but came about as a result of the unexpected pregnancy.


In the extreme, more often with conservative folks, shotgun weddings are not considered as real weddings and some religion-based weddings even explicitly prohibit or condemn marriage during pregnancy.


Wedding planning during pregnancy


Though the stigma has been lessened over the years, it is still existing today. Organizing weddings while pregnant has, undeniably less available options especially in clothing.


Even at present, women look to forums for help in looking for wedding dresses that would cater to their pregnant body. While there are a lot of dresses that can fit them during pregnancy, it is still difficult to look for dresses that really make the cut. After all, it is a special day to celebrate.


Every woman wants to look their most beautiful during their wedding day. And despite the challenge pregnant women have compared to when they are not conceiving, it is not impossible to look and feel good.


Look at it this way, when you reminisce on your wedding day, you not only remember your partner but a brewing human inside you that has become (as you will find out) a huge part of your life. If you decide to see it as a celebration of so many things-- having a family, tying the knot with the person you love, entering a life of motherhood-- then you can leave behind any shame or guilt you are feeling because of the stereotype people place on pregnancy weddings. Own it and make the most of it.


If you still feel like you might not be able to pull off a pregnancy wedding or that there is shame in getting married while you are knocked up, look at how some celebrities did it proudly. Here’s a photo of Alicia Keys looking stunning and proud to soon be a mom and wife.



In order to make it happen though, there are a lot of things to be done just like any other wedding. But unlike any other wedding, your’s have some special considerations and a few things to tweak here and there when planning your special day while pregnant.


Make sure the time is right

Morning sickness is real and it is one of the major challenges women often complain about during the first trimester. According to Heidi of What to Expect, planning your wedding (if you can) during the second trimester is most ideal.


“If possible, try to get hitched in your second trimester. Your morning sickness should be gone by then (or at least eased up enough so you can face the buffet without barfing).”


In addition to that, the second trimester is the safest time for women. While morning sickness usually dissipates during the last trimester, there are other considerations you might have such as backaches, sore ankles and just a general discomfort. Furthermore, you’ll most likely look less bloated during your second trimester than the third one.


Understand your skin


During pregnancy, hormonal changes are on overdrive and your skin which used to be very dry might now be an oily mess or vice versa. Knowing the changes in your skin will help your make-up artist decide which products to use on your skin.


If you are so lucky to be sporting that “pregnancy glow” then use that to your advantage. If not, you’ll always have highlighters and bronzers to create the look for you. Let your HMUA know that you want to look healthy and stick to a lighter, more natural look. Keep it light on the top because you literally have a heavier lower section.


With pregnancy comes along so many changes in your body apart from the obvious belly bump. Your complexion, your energy levels and even your hair goes through a great deal of differences.


While many hair treatments are not recommended during those nine months of conception due to chemicals that might affect the growth of your baby, there are some upsides to your locks.


According to the American Pregnancy Association, “During pregnancy there is an increase in the level of estrogen hormones.  Estrogen causes hair to remain in the growing phase and stimulates the growth of your hair. While you are pregnant, you should expect a full, luxurious head of hair.”


Like the pregnancy glow, use this to your advantage. Skip the treatments for sleek and straight hair and opt for luxurious locks instead or if you have messy hair naturally, find a creative bun that’s appropriate for your wedding theme and motif.


Find ways to lessen stress


Weddings can be quite stressful. There is so much to organize from wedding motifs, venues, guest lists and invites, flowers, food, dresses, cakes, music and it definitely is not helping that you are pregnant.

Stress and pregnancy though are two things you should never mix together that’s why it is always best to have someone else organize the wedding for you. If it’s in the budget, hiring a wedding planner is the best option. Wedding planners plan weddings for a living (duh!) and experienced ones know what to do when things go wrong. If you have a tighter room in your budget, ask a friend or relative to do it for you.


Since it is your wedding, you must be thinking that you want to be involved by ALL means. However, if it’s likely to cause you any sort of stress, it is best to steer clear of doing the planning. You can always share your preferences and ideas with whoever is dealing with the wedding.


If you still don’t want to, just do it for your baby. Did you know that chronic stress during pregnancy can cause a lot of scary complications for your baby? Some of them include a certain level of brain function impairment.


“Chronic stress may also contribute to subtle differences in brain development that might lead to behavioral issues as the baby grows.”


Pregnancy wedding dresses


Another key difference between expecting women and those who are not is the wedding dresses. While there are ways to wear wedding dresses that are non-maternity and still fit in it, it would not be as tailor-fitted for the body type you have and options might be limited to gowns that balloon from belly down.


There are different ways to have maternity wedding dresses and a ton of styles available out there. You’ll find one right for you even if you’re looking for size specific types of dresses such as plus size maternity wedding dresses or petite-sized pregnancy wedding gowns.


Maternity wedding dress designs


Some of the popular styles include lace maternity wedding dresses or even a plain white maternity wedding dress. However, “while you can wear almost any style you want, baby bumps look especially elegant in an empire-waist silhouette, which is snug at the bustline and roomier in the belly. No matter which design you prefer for your wedding during pregnancy, you’ll be more comfortable in loose, light fabrics, such as chiffon and crepe. Stiff or heavy materials like satin, taffeta, and tulle can up your odds of overheating and dizziness.”


Prices also vary from designer maternity wedding dresses to cheap pregnancy wedding gowns. When it comes to shoes though, it is always recommended to prioritize comfort. There are beautiful sandals that can pair well with gowns. Some are even bedazzled with swarovski crystals.


Pregnancy wedding dress sizes and fitting


One of the best ways to get your wedding dress size on point is to get your dressmaker in the loop for when you’ll be needing it and what month or trimester it will fall under. Trust that whoever is making your wedding dress knows what she’s doing. If in doubt, ask first if the dressmaker has experience making maternity dresses for weddings.


“Even if you’re not showing when you hit the bridal shop, let the consultant know how far along you’ll be when you tie the knot. She’ll advise you on which size will be best for your belly-to-be. And don’t let that large number bug you:”


Essentially, the same concept goes for shoes. Especially if you’re celebrating during the last trimester, make sure to give your shoes some allowance. Edema is a common condition during pregnancy where certain parts of your body, usually around the ankles and wrists, are swollen. This is usually because of excess blood flow and goes away well after delivery.


Wedding dress sizes also use general size guides. To learn more about sizes for maternity wear and how maternity dresses work, here’s a 101 on pregnancy dresses.

Inexpensive maternity wedding dresses


Wedding expert, The Knot made a study on how much weddings usually cost in 2016 and the average cost was more than $30,000.


“After surveying nearly 13,000 real brides and grooms across America, we found that the overall cost of a wedding has soared to new heights, with a national average of $35,329 (and that’s not including the honeymoon).”


Almost $2,000, $1,564 to be precise, was for wedding gowns alone. Now, not everybody has the budget or are willing to shell out $2,000 for a wedding gown and with good reason. You’re (hopefully) only going to use it once.


So, how do you save up on wedding dresses during pregnancy?


Buy used gowns


While it would be definitely more difficult for pregnant women to buy used wedding gowns perfect for their bump, it is not impossible.


Josie Daga founder of shares that “After the economy crashed girls realized they could get their dream dress that was worn for maybe five hours.”


Buying used gowns can help you save a lot of money. Daga adds that “[We’ve] seen dresses go for up to 90% off. There’s a lot of money to be saved.”


Frequent Sample Sale


So, there is a thing called frequent sample sale where brides to be can buy wedding dresses at a much lower cost. According to Fox Business, “Wedding retailers and designers hold sample sales discounting their dresses to make room for new inventory once or twice a year and are prime grounds for finding a big-named label on the cheap.”

Rent a dress


There are tons of places brides to be (even pregnant ones) can rent wedding dresses. Even the groom, best men and bridesmaids can rent their dresses as well.

Maternity dress for wedding guest

It’s not just the brides who are having a difficult time when it comes to meetings.Guests, bridesmaid who are pregnant also have some complications looking for dresses during special occasions such as weddings.


In general, be it weddings or baby shower, special occasions are a little harder to dress. Though difficult, it is not impossible. There are a few things to remember though when doing so like knowing your body type during pregnancy. Another important item is to understand how to style yourself during this time.


You can have a read at our baby shower guide, Baby Shower Maternity Dress: Choosing the Right Dress for You.


Be it  your wedding or as a guest, pregnancy is a celebration and an experience you want to enjoy. It is only nine months of your life but every life event and special occasions you enjoy it with matters. Dress your best and be confident because the best dress always comes from a happy and confident woman!

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