Chat with First Time Mom - Cheryl

Chat with First Time Mom - Cheryl

18th Jul 2018

Pregnancy style can be a challenge. Do you conceal your bump or wear it with pride? What about the changes happening to your body? Something that fit you well last week might not fit you anymore. Putting together an outfit can be tricky and we speak to first time mummy-to-be, Cheryl, who's also been modelling our MEV apparels, to find out how she's been and her tips to share!

Hi Cheryl, appreciate you taking the time to do this quick interview with us! So, tell us more about yourself! 

I’m 29 this year, been married for about 2 years, and now a first-time mum! Hmm ... what else, I’m energetic, enjoy doing new or adventurous stuff and generally lead a pretty active lifestyle. Oh and I’m also currently working at a private bank.

First time mom Cheryl in MEV's Britney Nursing Tank and Maternity Shorts

How would you describe your normal go-to style before pregnancy?

On workdays I usually go with the standard work dresses, skirts, sleeveless tops. In terms of style, I do have both the figure hugging kind (laughs) and the more relaxed fit ones. Colour-wise, I typically go for more neutral tones or black/navy blue.

As for my weekend go to clothes, I absolutely love shorts. They’re easy to pair with and are perfect for the tropical weather we have here in Singapore.

My wardrobe is actually full of clothes from online shopping (laughs) but it is slightly difficult to find clothes that fit my body shape right now. I have quite a wide variety of clothes but always wear the same few things! 

Cheryl in Slouchy Maternity Nursing Top and Shorts

Now that you’re expecting, how has your style changed?

Hmm … Style-wise not much has changed actually. I do still try to wear as much of my old clothes as possible (laughs), but I’m definitely going for the more relaxed fit these days. Honestly speaking, I still buy normal clothes but would upsize by one. I did purchase a pair of maternity pants though which gave me quite abit of mileage! Colour-wise, I’m still sticking to neutral tones and black/navy blue.

Was it difficult adjusting to your changing shape while you are pregnant?

Not really! It’s just more about finding the right clothes that complemented my bump and my new body shape. It’s also fun to buy new clothes on a more regular basis and get away with it (laughs).

What is your go-to item in your wardrobe right now?

Loose and long dresses cause I’m tall and with my belly now, dresses that were short for me before are even shorter than before.

 Cheryl showing off her bump in MEV's Maternity Wrap Dress in Myrtle Green

How was it being dressed in MEV’s apparel?

I must say the maternity dresses were very comfortable and they fit my body really well too! I think it’s hard to find suitable maternity wear or pregnancy dresses here in Singapore but the outfits were comfortable and fit well.

The photos also turned out really nice and a few of my colleagues and family complimented me on the Wrap Dress in Myrtle Green! Actually, Green is a colour I hardly ever wear so it was nice receiving compliments.

I look forward to taking a look at the nursing wear available ;)

Dressed for that special occasion, the Chantilly Maxi Maternity Dress

What is your favourite MEV piece?

My vote goes to the Chantilly Maternity-Nursing Maxi Dress! I have had a few weddings or special occasions to attend but always didn’t know what to wear. This one is super flattering and hugs my curves at all the right places. The colour is gorgeous too and it’s a classic piece that makes me feel so beautiful.

Any advice for mummies-to be?

Be happy, stay positive and dressing well makes you feel better!

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