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Product Care & Tips

  • Laundering and care tips


    Laundering and care tips

    To enhance the lifespan of your garment, we recommend that you adhere to our care instructions on the sewn-in label of each product. Here are also some basic and general rules of thumb when laundering your garments:

    • Minimize extreme temperatures washing and drying. Hot water and hot air drying increases shrinkage and expedites fibre degradation.

    • Stretchy knits and jerseys such as modal, bamboo and rayon are very fragile when wet; avoid wringing or hanging when garment is very wet as such treatment will stretch fibres and cause distortion in garment shape.

    • Garments with embellishment such as prints, patch, sequins and sewn on details should, as much as possible, be very gently handwashed or machined washed using the gentlest cycle. Always wash embellished garment inside-out and protectd in a laundry bag if machine washing.

    • Garment with embellishment should always be turned inside out when ironing. Do not iron directly on embellishment.

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