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  • How Maternity Clothing Works: Size and Fit Guide

    Having a baby is an exciting and a bit stressful time when everything happens for the first time: your body changes in a way you’ve never experienced before and you find yourself doing weird things such as having fixated food cravings and spending most mornings in the bathroom!

    One of the major challenges for first-time moms is choosing the right type of clothes for their changing body. From maternity bras to nursing shawls and work dresses, the variety of options in maternity clothes is endless. So how do you choose from such an overwhelming range of choices?

     Buying maternity clothes is like buying your first bra - there is an exhilarating feeling of achieving something that nature has always planned for you. So make it an exciting journey, get your girlfriends together and enjoy shopping with a purpose! Here are some tips that will help you find the right fit:

    Why not just upsize? Why maternity clothing?

    Long gone are the days when maternity clothes resemble shapeless tents with sailor inspired collars (with the ubiquitous waist tie, to add). Maternity wear designers have evolved and come a long way, where the breadth of styles and technical constructions are much more sophisticated and creative. You will find maternity clothes that come with inbuilt functionalities for breastfeeding. And then there are brands that embrace specific consciousness for natural and eco-friendly fabrication.

    Many first time moms may find it tempting to upsize their regular non-maternity brands in an attempt to cover a couple of centimeters here and there. While this might have been a good strategy in the past given the lack of good looking or stylish options in motherhood clothing (afterall it’s dollars saved, isn’t it?), it does not have to be the case now.

    Maternity Blog - Why You Should Not Simply Upsize Your Pants!

    Many first time mothers-to-be attempt to continue wearing their pre-pregnancy clothes, especially the stretchy ones. Quite often though, you will find that by the second trimester, your belly has grown to such proportions that even stretchier regular tops are getting just a tad too tight for comfort. Buying regular clothing of a larger size will most likely not fit you as well; apart from a wider waist, you will see concurrent increments in measurements such as rise, leg width and length. The resulting fit? Wide flappy pants, saggy rise and bunching at the waist. Conversely with maternity clothing, you will see adjustments to clothing measurements only where you expect growth, while keeping other specifications true to your original size. You and your baby will feel more comfortable and you will still be able to make use of them during your post-partum transition period!

     Maternity clothing size

    Maternity clothing sizes generally correspond to regular non-pregnant clothing sizes. If you are used to buying a size 8 before pregnancy, typically the same size applies when you shop at specialty maternity clothing stores. If you were “medium” size before pregnancy, look for the same size label at pregnancy stores. When your body changes through pregnancy, the belly and the chest may grow quiet a bit but the rest of your body and their proportions such as length of torso, legs, and shoulder widths remain as they are. With maternity clothing, you will see adjustments to measurement only where you expect growth, while keeping specifications remain true to your original size.

    But what about jeans sizing? Jeans sizing follows the same logic as the rest of maternity clothes. So if you were size 30 before, you should still shop for size 30 maternity jeans, even though your waistline is now a lot larger. A good maternity clothing designer or label knows how to construct adjustable or stretchable features so that a pair of maternity pants or jeans will accommodate your growing belly.Maternity Pants - designed with a versatile foldover waistband to fit full term.

    What about bras, you ask? Bra fitting for pregnancy is always tricky and typically gets women into confusion because bras are such an important and fundamental part of your maternity wardrobe that must provide comfort, support while trying to fit your growing bust line as your body prepares for lactation. This essential wardrobe item may require change through the course of your pregnancy, as your bust grows.

    There are options for stretchy and non stretchy maternity bras but as a rule of thumb, always seek non-underwired bras so you avoid impacting or compressing sensitive breast tissues.

    When to begin shopping for maternity clothes?

    Time to get a pair of maternity pants when you're struggling to button up.In the first trimester, you will still be able to wear your regular clothes, but you should start thinking about buying some pregnancy outfits in your second trimester when your bump is starting to grow to the point that your pants feel constricting on your belly. Don’t attempt to overhaul your whole wardrobe in one go because you will grow progressively and you can add on as your body changes. As part of your initial purchase or building blocks of your maternity wardrobe, it is worthwhile investing in bottoms early on. You not only have the benefit of comfort right from start but also extended wear mileage for your post-partum transition period too – this will be money well spent.

    Maternity pants – your best pregnancy wardrobe investment

    Maternity pants designed to grow with your belly. Shop MEV's maternity bottoms now.While most other maternity clothing items (apart from maternity bras) don’t require special induction, maternity pants are a tad more technical than they appear. Specifications such as the front and back rise, the waist construction type and materials, and fabrication are expertise and know-how of a good maternity label. Maternity bottoms are designed to accommodate growth in the waist and hip during the course of your pregnancy. Getting a few maternity pants at the onstart of showing will be your best investment as you will get plenty of wear out of them!


    Maternity bottoms designed for pregnancy and after - Mothers en Vogue collection.


    Pregnancy brings with it a lot of changes and challenges, it is a steep learning curve to motherhood but nevertheless, it is an exciting time. There are many new things you will need to take care of with the arrival of a newborn but don’t forget about yourself. Despite your growing belly you should feel comfortable, and embrace your bodily changes with pride and confidence. Take care of your needs first so you can prepare to enjoy your pregnancy and step into Motherhood!


  • Maternity and Nursing Clothes: What To Wear When You Are Pregnant

    What do I wear today?

    This is the question every woman asks herself, no matter the age, lifestyle or where she lives. When you are conditioned from the early childhood to the idea of always being perfect, always looking nice and making sure everyone around you is happy - choosing a daily outfit turns into a burdensome social obligation. And sadly, when you become pregnant, these obligations don’t disappear, if anything, they become even more difficult to comply with.

    According to a social researcher Brene Brown, there are the two things that women feel shameful about - the body image and motherhood. Women are constantly judged based on their appearance and their ability to be a good mother, whether you are already a mother or a potential mother. How does it affect women? It binds them to unachievable standards of perfection.

    So whenever you have to make decisions about your pregnancy wardrobe - stay true to yourself. You can be comfy in sweatpants, or you can spend 9 exciting months in the state of fashion obsession. No matter what path you choose, be confident, own it and make your maternity work for you, not for others.

    Here are some tips to help you on your self-discovery fashion journey:

    1. Maternity Style & Comfort by MEV

      Keep your style intact

    When you are pregnant, it is tempting to give up your personal style and wear what everyone else is wearing.

    However, all you need to do is to adapt your current wardrobe. Your style is a part of you and pregnancy is no obstacle to feeling unique and creative. There is now a wide variety of choice in specialist maternity stores; you can also adapt pieces from regular non-maternity fashion stores.

    If you love skinny jeans, pencil skirts, fitted tees and sweaters, and the streamlined, sexy fitted look, then there is no better time to embrace it. You will love this look even more because now you can enjoy your gorgeous bump silhouette without fretting about the love handles! Think of stretchy maternity jeans and an oversized T-shirt or a super stretchy body-con tee - a classic look, that can make you look stylish no matter the size.

    1. Create a balance between comfort and style  

    For the first half of pregnancy you can stretch your existing wardrobe, but as soon as the second trimester arrives you will face tough choices. Normal clothing, particularly your bras and bottoms, just do not fit woman’s pregnant body.

    Say no to any clothes that put pressure on your stomach and create discomfort. Instead, opt for pants with elasticized waistbands, breezy tops, and soft shirts. Maternity pants are specially designed with measurements that will accommodate and fit the curve of a growing belly line and are constructed with waistbands that are flexible. Throw in a few pieces of clothes for maternity and mix and match them with your existing wardrobe to create your own unique maternity wardrobe that will be as equally stylish as it's comfortable for you and the baby.

    1. Embrace your feminine side with gorgeous dresses

    What a better time to wear dresses if not during pregnancy. Pregnancy dresses are so comfortable that you will be wondering if you ever want to go back to more casual pants and T-shirts. When you have to run errands or go to work, dresses provide an easy and quick style fix - you can just throw them on and look fabulous no matter the time of the day.Maternity and Nursing Dress Collection by MEV

    There is no lack of dress selections to pick from. Consider the silhouette - fitted body-con, fit-and-flare, A-line and babydoll or wrap? Consider the style, length, and fabrication -  short dresses crafted in cotton and linen for the summer? A maxi dress in silk and lace for special occasions? Or knitted woolen long sleeved dresses that would work for fall and winter?  

    1. Accessorize

    The advantage of having a range of accessories is undeniable. Firstly, you won’t have to think about what to do with accessories for after the pregnancy, and secondly, accessories take away attention from the clothes and make the whole outfit more consistent. Go for signature necklaces and shiny earrings, and gather admiring looks from strangers over your stacked hippie bracelets and rings.

    The right accessories will let you transform your usual outfits and create a variety in your wardrobe. They will also allow you to save money because you can wear the same dress with accessories and it will always look different.

    If you are worried about utility you can look at maternity accessories such as nursing shawls and belly binders that do not fall into the fashion category but ensure you carry your baby with ease.

    Accessorise with MEV's Bamboo Nursing Wrap 

    1. Invest in a good pair of jeans

    Jeans, just like dresses, are a staple wardrobe piece that can make any outfit look fantastic. If you have to splurge on one piece of pregnancy clothes it will undoubtedly be maternity jeans.

    Maternity jeans come in all shape and size, with or without an elastic waistband, skinny, straight or flare. One thing for certain - a pair of maternity jeans can grow with your belly and serve you well even after the pregnancy.

    MEV Maternity Jeans and Pants

    During the first trimester, you will still feel comfortable in low waisted jeans, but the best and the universal option is to buy jeans with a special elastic band that will support your growing belly. The wide elastic band will not only reduce the pressure on the belly but will also provide additional support that so many future moms need.

    Maternity jeans and bottoms easily transform into a normal wear after the pregnancy. Just fold the elastic band and you will have an extremely comfortable pair of jeans that you can wear to work or family gatherings.


    1. Get the best support with the right underwear

    Your bump is not the only part of your body that will be growing during pregnancy. You will notice positive changes in your cleavage, but while for some women this brings a source of happiness, for others it is a reminder how painful carrying so much weight can be.

    MEV's Closer to Paradise Nursing Bra

    Whether you were more like Keira Knightly before pregnancy or Kim Kardashian  - you need to make sure you remain supported. Don’t make a mistake of wearing a regular bra of a larger size - they simply don’t provide the support you need and the underwires that usually accompany those bras can restrict the growth of breast tissue.

    Over the years, underwear bras evolved from clumsy and unsexy to super comfortable and incredibly flattering. They are made of such a comfy material, that you will remember the soothing feeling of comfort and miss wearing them long after the pregnancy.

    Towards the end of your pregnancy, you might also consider nursing bras and breastfeeding clothes. During last trimester your breasts are getting ready to producing milk and they can grow daily. Caring for the little ones is a breeze in the nursing bras and breastfeeding tops and nightwear because they have detachable straps that provide easy opening.

    1. Be different, love your body and don’t be afraid of change

    Lastly, giving birth is the most natural thing that a woman can do and this is the time of your life that is full of excitement, happiness, and love. Sometimes, it can be hard to let go of negative thinking, so a lot of women start hating on their changing bodies and get nervous about how they look once their regular clothes stop fitting. They start wearing baggy clothes, trying to do everything to hide the body changes. Don’t fall into this trap.

    Embrace your bump and choose fitted dresses, pants and shirts, because there is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman. You possess a soft mystery and a divine glow, that enchants and fascinates people. So stop worrying, love your body unconditionally, choose good maternity clothes and show off your perfect sense of style to the world.


  • Maternity Work Clothes - How To Dress To Work When Pregnant

    Work is an important part of our lives and identities. But when you’re pregnant priorities change a little. You breathe deeper, you have all those thoughts about cute baby clothes in your head and all of a sudden the cleanliness of your apartment becomes the question of life and death. But as much as we would like to focus on one thing, pregnancy only lasts 9 months and there will always be other things that demand your attention. Work is one of them. In fact, balancing and work might be hard, but if you’re able to achieve that balance, you will be able to enjoy the warming support of your coworkers and still achieve career goals.

    Work wardrobe during the first trimester

    The first trimester is probably the easiest to survive at work because you can easily spend it in your regular clothes. It is unlikely that your coworkers will see any change, and you can enjoy your pregnancy in complete secrecy.

    You might need to undo the top button on your skirts and pants closer to the second trimester, but you can cover it with flowy tops and a loose button down shirts. You can even create an improvised DIY maternity panel by looping a rubber band through the buttonhole and then wrapping it around the button.

    Second trimester and how to cover pregnancy

    This is when it gets tricky. While the first trimester feels like a normal life, in the second part your pregnancy will start to show. You will probably look like you’ve gained a little weight and face some awkward questions from the co workers. Buy pants with elastic waistband or the ones that are low rise and sit below your waist. Be creative with your pregnancy outfits and try yoga pants or cotton pants that can pass for work pants.

    Tops have to remain flowy and feminine. They will conceal your pregnancy perfectly. Go for natural fabrics such as cotton, jersey, and viscose.

    If you already disclosed your pregnancy at work, you can start wearing elegant dresses and more fitted tops.

    Third trimester - revealing the secret

    This is the time when you can’t conceal your pregnancy anymore and have to reveal the secret. It will become a lot easier to dress thereof. Here are 9 must have items for soon to be moms:

    1. Flowy blouse - for those hot summer days, when the AC is not working properly and you need a little more room to breathe

    2. Black work pants - a work wardrobe staple, that can easily be paired with any top or blouse

    3. A work blazer - a perfect addition to a summer dress to make it more business like or to rock that tough business lady look

    1. Work shirt - go for a loose button down shirt so that you can look professional and feel comfortable

    2. Work dress - if you need one item in your wardrobe that you can throw on whenever you’re running late, the dress will be it. It gives you professional but feminine look, is extremely comfortable and makes you look beautiful and elegant.

    3. The accessories - splurge on some gorgeous accessories such as a statement necklace, beautiful earrings, a brooch and a scarf. When you wear some bigger pieces make sure your clothing is neutral and isn’t too revealing. Add a little handbag for that complete look of a real lady.

    4. Maternity tights - if you find yourself pregnant during winter months, you can look into maternity tights. They will ensure you don’t get varicose veins or spider veins by the end of your pregnancy and provide enough comfort and warmth to get you through the cold.


    Combine these pieces, mix, and match and you will get amazing outfits to wear each single day.

    And don’t forget about the shoes either. Even if you are used to always walking in heels, the period of bearing a child can become a serious test for you, including your legs. Problems such as veins, the formation of thrombi can seriously disrupt the condition of the pregnant woman and the development of the embryo.

    If you do not want to give up shoes on the heels, don’t. Only until you find yourself feeling uncomfortable. Then change to more comfortable shoes. You can pick something on the heel, changing the usual 10-15 cm to the less critical 3-5 cm. It's better to look out for something from the range of sandals or open shoes.

    Formal celebrations

    There is no better wardrobe item than a black dress whether you’re pregnant or not. The accessories will make your dress look different every day. Add some jewelry, pick a different bag and change shoe style once in awhile. Also look at shawls and flowy cardigans to throw on top of your dress to make it more cozy and casual when the formal celebration is approaching its end. A ball gown will be a bit harder to find, but some maternity stores do offer them. You can also search the formal wear rental service - in that case, you can rent a gown for a night or two and don’t have to worry about anything.

    Pregnant women should first and foremost take care of the health of their baby, therefore at the heart of everything they do should not be the rules, but the convenience of clothing. And once you have selected the wardrobe based on the comfort factor, you can see if it’s in compliance with work rules.

    When selecting things for work, focus on color. At this stage, it will be difficult for you to wear tight suits and skirts or trousers with a tight belt, which means that soft lines will prevail in clothes. It is better to maintain balance, picking out the single-color items or pastel shades, as well as black. Do not get carried away with the latter: in spite of the fact that this is almost an ideal office variant, the abundance of dark tones does not help to raise the mood and stay emotionally stable. Bright colors should be avoided, combined with flowing lines they will give an informal look to the outfits.

    Even if you are proud of your position to such an extent that you want to share your joy with everyone, at work, it's best to refrain your excitement. This will be better for you too: in the office, it will be easier for you to focus, if your belly is hidden, and not distracting you and your companions. However, this does not mean that you need to wrap yourself in a huge amount of clothes: choose simple things but don’t reveal too much.


  • Plus Size and Pregnant? Find Best Fitted Maternity Clothes in 5 Minutes

    Pregnancy should be the time of happiness and exciting anticipation, not the time to worry about what to wear or whether the clothes would fit. If you want to get rid of the stress of shopping, there are two things you can do: accept yourself as you are and embrace your new state of mind and shape of your body. Only then, will you be able to truly live in the moment and enjoy this magical transformation period.

    Plus size women often have hard times choosing regular clothes, so they fret choosing maternity clothes as well. There is a common misconception about maternity plus size clothes is bulky and adds more volume and curves, which is the opposite of what plus size women want.

    Most plus sized women have completely normal pregnancies, even though there is a statistical data and research that puts excessive weight into the same risk category as high blood pressure, smoking and drinking. This is not to say that you should continue your lifestyle without changes when you are pregnant. Adopt a new, healthier way of eating and do mild exercises regularly and, of course, consult with your doctor on the best way to approach your weight during pregnancy.

    Pregnancy is not the best time to go on a diet, but many pregnant women actually lose the weight without any dieting. Most of the times weight loss is caused by the morning sickness, that overall suppresses your appetite. Another reason why pregnant women lose weight is that they have some extra calories that get consumed by the growing body. So cutting your food intake is a definite no, but you can still expect to lose weight, which is a wonderful news.

    So how do you make the seamless transition to maternity clothing?

    1. Invest in good maternity wear

    Don’t go a size bigger with your regular clothing. The temptation to buy loose clothing is high but turns out plus size maternity wear is made to better accommodate woman's growing and changing body. Shoulder space and the rise of plus size maternity pants define how the clothing will fit and usually, these dimensions are way off in regular clothing. Maternity brands, on the other hand, pay particular attention to those metrics because they know how important they are for the right fitted pregnancy clothes.

    The range of maternity clothing offered these days cater to any style and taste. Whether you prefer online shopping or actually going to the store, there is no doubt you will find great maternity clothing. And most of the trendy plus size maternity brands offer a large selection of dresses, pants, shirts, and underwear of all the imaginable sizes, so don’t be afraid of not finding the right clothes.

    1. Repurpose your current wardrobe

    Some plus size women report not changing in size when they are pregnant. The difference is so subtle that you might not need to change the wardrobe at all. The general rule of thumb is to buy only what you need and don’t stock up on plus size pregnancy clothes in the first trimester - you never know how your body will change and whether you will need any maternity wear after all.

    There is one exception to this rule though - do purchase a couple of maternity bras and nursing underwear. They provide extra support and have easy openings that you can utilize after you give birth for feeding the baby.

    1. Find the best fit

    Finding the right maternity clothes for plus size women store is hard. You will make some mistakes along the way but once you found the perfect fit, stick to it. There is really nothing wrong with sticking to one brand and buying every piece of clothing from them.

    If you found a pair of maternity jeans that fit you well, most likely all the pants in the store will be a good match. Same goes for maternity underwear, shorts, maternity plus size dresses and workout clothes. Just like with a regular clothing store you might decide that one brand serves your needs perfectly and that will make shopping easier and less burdensome.

    1. Choose stretchy fabric and don’t be afraid of layers

    Your body is changing at a lightning speed and the first difference that you will notice will be your bump size and the cleavage. Waist can grow up to 15 inches during the pregnancy. So if you want to feel comfortable and save your family budget, go for knits or woven fabric as well as Lycra. Anything that envelops the body in all the right places is a great maternity fashion find.

    Layers is another taboo fashion trend for plus size women. However, if you find the right balance between layered clothing and fitted clothing your outfit can become a hit. Combine a T shirt, a shirt and a flowy cardigan and simple skinny jeans.

    1. Find the balance

    Because body proportions change during the pregnancy it can be hard to find the balance of accessories, clothing and shoe wear and highlight the most beautiful parts.

    Go for signature necklaces with maternity dresses and make sure your accessories are large enough to get noticed. Also be careful with prints. Plus size women should wear prints but favor large prints rather than a small print pattern to emphasize the figure. Patterns take attention away from the figure and highlight your feminine glow.

    1. Embrace your curves

    Most plus size women complain about their clothes being boxy and too flowy, adding an additional layer of volume. But you can use the clothing to create an illusion of a perfect shape. For example, V neck shirts can create a visual illusion of a longer neck. Find your unique style and embrace the dresses, because they come in all shapes and size and even plus size pregnant women can find something suitable in the assortment of maternity dresses offered these days.

    Clothing is probably the last thing that comes to mind of a pregnant plus size woman. The majority of plus size women are usually concerned about whether their weight hurts the baby.

    You can still stay within the healthy limits and experience no complications whatsoever, but just so you can track your stats - you are considered overweight if your pre pregnancy body mass index is between 25 and 30. If your BMI falls within that range you are advised to gain 6-10 kg, if your BMI is higher you should be careful not to gain more than 5-9 kg during pregnancy.

    The odds of having pregnancy complications when you are overweight are certainly high, but there are also numerous plus size women for whom pregnancy and giving birth were easy and worry free. So don’t be afraid of change, ask for the support you need from family and your doctor and enjoy these wonderful days of being the best version of yourself!


  • 5 Tips to Finding Cute and Inexpensive Maternity Clothes

    Dressing while pregnant is a challenge for many future moms. There is an understandable desire to look beautiful but also to stay healthy and comfortable. This leads to an internal conflict that is not easy to solve. Additionally, the family budget might be already too thin for you to enjoy the benefits of luxurious shopping. So how and where can you buy cute maternity clothes?

    First of all, the variety of clothes offered in stores these days is overwhelming. Brands of all sorts are becoming more and more sophisticated and inventive when it comes to maternity clothing fabrics and style to ensure maximum comfort and usability. Not only you can be sure to find the right item, but you might even get lost in the abundance of choice. Whether you make decisions easily or struggle with the choice, the likelihood of finding the best maternity clothes online is very high. From cheap retail chains to boutique designer stores - these days there is no shortage of fashionable maternity clothes.

    Secondly, the best advice that a pregnant woman can get is to listen to her body and do what makes her feel good. If you love sweatpants, make them the staple of your wardrobe and stop worrying about what people think. If you are into short body-con dresses - pregnancy is the perfect time to show off your curves. Cute means sexy for one woman, and girly for another. Stay true to yourself and embrace your pregnancy.

    Here are some tips to help you find the clothes that you’ll love and that won't break the bank: 

    1. When to buy?

    During the first trimester, you most likely won’t need to go shopping, because you’ll be able to wear your regular clothes. As soon as the second trimester hits, your little bump will start to show and you will require a larger wardrobe.

    Future moms have many problems and concerns so, more often than no,t they forget about buying appropriate clothing and run to the stores at the very last minute. Buy a couple of loose items before the need arises but don’t stock up on maternity clothes - you will be in a better position to make buying decisions as you witness how your body changes and grows.

    Every woman is different, but as soon as you feel that you don’t fit into regular clothes or even the few larger items - it is time for a shopping spree!

    1. What to look for?

    Almost every clothing brand offers inexpensive maternity clothes. You can also check specialty maternity stores that usually offer a better selection of styles and sizes. Some pregnancy items can also be bought in consignment stores.

    Think Lycra and cotton jersey as the material for affordable maternity wear. They stretch easily, are comfortable to wear and will last longer. Also, consider trying on everything you are looking to buy - you need to be sure your body will react positively to the fabric and shape of clothes.

    If you never tried layering before, pregnancy is the best time to start experimenting with layers. Your body temperature can go from hot to cold several times a day, so choose the outlook that will allow you to add or take off clothing when you feel like it.

    When shopping for clothes, don’t forget the underwear and shoe wear. You’ll probably need a few maternity and breastfeeding bras and some trendy nursing clothes too because your regular underwear is not made to support the growing breast tissue and the tight straps can irritate your skin. As far as the shoes, find the ones on a wide, stable but small heel and avoid high heels during the pregnancy.

    1. Shop mindfully

    The main rule of shopping is to look at the long term picture and only buy items that fit your regular style and wardrobe and can easily be worked into your wardrobe after pregnancy. Anything that is flowy and comfortable can pass for regular clothes after you give birth.  

    Don’t make a mistake of changing your style completely now that you are pregnant. Even if you take this time as a period of personal transformation, remember it is a short period and you will end up with inconsistent wardrobe after your pregnancy is over. Do complement your current wardrobe with a few staple maternity pieces, match the color palette and make sure the items go well with one another.

    1. Raid your closet

    While you can use your pregnancy as an excuse to go on a shopping spree if your goal is to save the family budget, raid your closet and see if you can find some old items that can be repurposed.

    Old jeans that can be transformed with a button extender and you might also find out that dresses that you considered ill fitted are now a perfect fit. Don’t underestimate your partners closet either - men’s button up shirts can be a great option for expectant mothers.

    1. Be confident  

    The secret to finding cute and affordable clothing is to appreciate the change and embrace what you have, meaning whatever you wear you can only steal admiring glances if you are confident.

    Don’t hide in the oversized clothes, instead, opt for well-fitted items that show off your growing bump. You have the parts of your body that are larger and you love it! Embrace your new look and buy clothes that add to your newly found feminine glow.

    Style and comfort can go together well. Buy a few accessories, such as bags and jewelry, and wear them with maternity dresses. You will see how easy it is to turn a simple dress into an iconic fashion item.

    1. Buy reversible clothing

    Reversible clothing is, basically, clothing that combines two items in one. It is an amazing way to create the look you want with fewer items. Reversible clothing doesn't take too much space in your wardrobe and can we put them on in less than a minute.

    Some reversible clothing can be worn inside out, others easily transform from one type of item to another, for example from a dress to a skirt, or from jeans to shorts.

    1. Look locally online

    Join local Facebook groups and socialize with other soon-to-be moms to find out what they buy and where. Clothes swaps happen regularly in these circles because a lot of the times women would want to give away clothes after pregnancy.

    Take it to the local online shops to find inexpensive clothing - that way you can also save money on shipping charges. Stylish maternity clothes are so easy to find, and the prices are usually very affordable.


    One day, after you give birth, you will look at your pregnancy wardrobe and be amazed at how comfortable maternity wear was and how graceful and elegant it made you look. Some women are able to repurpose their maternity wardrobe, but either way, the items they wore for 9 months become a sweet reminder of the feelings of anticipation and tenderness that were growing along with the bump. So pick a day on your calendar, set a budget, make a list and go shopping!


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