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Moms and moms-to-be, we often get questions about balancing the demands of pregnancy or a newborn with getting back to fitness. At the MEV team, our moms and non-moms are a fitness bunch – we try hard to balance motherhood with health, fitness and work. Incorporating fitness into your parenting routine is not impossible and when you get to it, you’re rewarded with a great sense of accomplishment and self-confidence!


Eat Train LoveEat Train Love is a fitness coaching and nutrition consultancy whose values and philosophies are synergistic to MEV. ETL takes a practical, holistic and sustainable approach to health and personal wellness. ETL is about empowering individuals to make positive and sustainable changes in their lifestyle. No exercise trends, food fads or restrictive diets. Drop by to understand what they do which ranges from Personal Training, Personal Wellness Evaluation, Nutrition & Wellness Coaching, Weight Management & Detox Programmes, Classes for bootcamp, yoga and pilates.