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MEV's cross-front sleep bra, designed for breastfeeding, delivers optimal comfort and ease of use because of carefully thought specifications and construction. A sleek and urban design, this nursing and maternity bra is the perfect bra for casual home and sleep use.:

1) Premium Light-Weight Fabric: we have deliberately used a premium, light-weight cotton spandex jersey knit that feels buttery soft and smooth. The light-to-touch fabric is at once sturdy yet remarkably stretchy so it provides sufficient “give” in its fit. The result? Enveloping support without a tad of constriction.

2) Natural Cotton Fibre: Cotton is our choice of fibre for its ability to absorb moisture with ease – a critical feature for moms who are nursing. Cotton is very durable and tolerates being washed frequently, a requirement that must be met for this daily bra.

3) Non-Wired Supportive Underbust Band: a special, ultra thin and malleable elastic is used in the underbust band for flexible tensile support. At 3/4 inch width, the band is sufficient without being necessarily bulky.

4) Reinforced Neckline for Pull-Down Nursing: the cross over front neckline is reinforced with camouflaged, thin elasticized bands that are supple and stretchy. This invisible reinforcement is designed to withstand high frequency usage at the neckline.

5) Double-lined front with pockets to hold removable breast pads (not included).

6) Clean and sleek finishes. Designed with premium features but without the price tag. The front and back necklines are sewn with a stitch-free finishing.

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  • 95% Cotton & 5% Spandex
  • Fine quality cotton jersey knit
  • Pockets for bra-cup inserts
  • Pull neckline aside to directly breastfeed. 
95% Cotton, 5% Spandex

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