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mothers en vogue nursing wear, best maternity wear  
mothers en vogue nursing wear, best maternity wear  


The BellyO (think belly hold) is a contemporary belly binder that does what it's supposed to do - assist in holding your tummy together so that muscles and skin can recover faster. The postpartum binders, also known as abdominal wraps or girdles, have been around for centuries in various permutations. They are designed to firmly wrap the tummy area after delivery, thereby assisting in the recovery of stretched abdominal muscle and skin. The postpartum binders, when used diligently together with exercise overtime may help your waistline return to your pre-pregnancy size - it is one post-natal "must-have" if you want to make a speedy recovery in your post-baby appearance!

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  • Black

  • Designed for post-partum
  • Soft Bamboo/Spandex fabrication
  • Velcro closure
95% Rayon from Bamboo, 5% Spandex

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