5 Tips to Finding Cute and Inexpensive Maternity Clothes

20th Jul 2017

Dressing while pregnant is a challenge for many future moms. There is an understandable desire to look beautiful but also to stay healthy and comfortable. This leads to an internal conflict that is not easy to solve. Additionally, the family budget might be already too thin for you to enjoy the benefits of luxurious shopping. So how and where can you buy cute maternity clothes?

First of all, the variety of clothes offered in stores these days is overwhelming. Brands of all sorts are becoming more and more sophisticated and inventive when it comes to maternity clothing fabrics and style to ensure maximum comfort and usability. Not only you can be sure to find the right item, but you might even get lost in the abundance of choice. Whether you make decisions easily or struggle with the choice, the likelihood of finding the best maternity clothes online is very high. From cheap retail chains to boutique designer stores - these days there is no shortage of fashionable maternity clothes.

Secondly, the best advice that a pregnant woman can get is to listen to her body and do what makes her feel good. If you love sweatpants, make them the staple of your wardrobe and stop worrying about what people think. If you are into short body-con dresses - pregnancy is the perfect time to show off your curves. Cute means sexy for one woman, and girly for another. Stay true to yourself and embrace your pregnancy.

Here are some tips to help you find the clothes that you’ll love and that won't break the bank: 

  1. When to buy?

During the first trimester, you most likely won’t need to go shopping, because you’ll be able to wear your regular clothes. As soon as the second trimester hits, your little bump will start to show and you will require a larger wardrobe.

Future moms have many problems and concerns so, more often than no,t they forget about buying appropriate clothing and run to the stores at the very last minute. Buy a couple of loose items before the need arises but don’t stock up on maternity clothes - you will be in a better position to make buying decisions as you witness how your body changes and grows.

Every woman is different, but as soon as you feel that you don’t fit into regular clothes or even the few larger items - it is time for a shopping spree!

  1. What to look for?

Almost every clothing brand offers inexpensive maternity clothes. You can also check specialty maternity stores that usually offer a better selection of styles and sizes. Some pregnancy items can also be bought in consignment stores.

Think Lycra and cotton jersey as the material for affordable maternity wear. They stretch easily, are comfortable to wear and will last longer. Also, consider trying on everything you are looking to buy - you need to be sure your body will react positively to the fabric and shape of clothes.

If you never tried layering before, pregnancy is the best time to start experimenting with layers. Your body temperature can go from hot to cold several times a day, so choose the outlook that will allow you to add or take off clothing when you feel like it.

When shopping for clothes, don’t forget the underwear and shoe wear. You’ll probably need a few maternity and breastfeeding bras and some trendy nursing clothes too because your regular underwear is not made to support the growing breast tissue and the tight straps can irritate your skin. As far as the shoes, find the ones on a wide, stable but small heel and avoid high heels during the pregnancy.

  1. Shop mindfully

The main rule of shopping is to look at the long term picture and only buy items that fit your regular style and wardrobe and can easily be worked into your wardrobe after pregnancy. Anything that is flowy and comfortable can pass for regular clothes after you give birth.  

Don’t make a mistake of changing your style completely now that you are pregnant. Even if you take this time as a period of personal transformation, remember it is a short period and you will end up with inconsistent wardrobe after your pregnancy is over. Do complement your current wardrobe with a few staple maternity pieces, match the color palette and make sure the items go well with one another.

  1. Raid your closet

While you can use your pregnancy as an excuse to go on a shopping spree if your goal is to save the family budget, raid your closet and see if you can find some old items that can be repurposed.

Old jeans that can be transformed with a button extender and you might also find out that dresses that you considered ill fitted are now a perfect fit. Don’t underestimate your partners closet either - men’s button up shirts can be a great option for expectant mothers.

  1. Be confident  

The secret to finding cute and affordable clothing is to appreciate the change and embrace what you have, meaning whatever you wear you can only steal admiring glances if you are confident.

Don’t hide in the oversized clothes, instead, opt for well-fitted items that show off your growing bump. You have the parts of your body that are larger and you love it! Embrace your new look and buy clothes that add to your newly found feminine glow.

Style and comfort can go together well. Buy a few accessories, such as bags and jewelry, and wear them with maternity dresses. You will see how easy it is to turn a simple dress into an iconic fashion item.

  1. Buy reversible clothing

Reversible clothing is, basically, clothing that combines two items in one. It is an amazing way to create the look you want with fewer items. Reversible clothing doesn't take too much space in your wardrobe and can we put them on in less than a minute.

Some reversible clothing can be worn inside out, others easily transform from one type of item to another, for example from a dress to a skirt, or from jeans to shorts.

  1. Look locally online

Join local Facebook groups and socialize with other soon-to-be moms to find out what they buy and where. Clothes swaps happen regularly in these circles because a lot of the times women would want to give away clothes after pregnancy.

Take it to the local online shops to find inexpensive clothing - that way you can also save money on shipping charges. Stylish maternity clothes are so easy to find, and the prices are usually very affordable.

One day, after you give birth, you will look at your pregnancy wardrobe and be amazed at how comfortable maternity wear was and how graceful and elegant it made you look. Some women are able to repurpose their maternity wardrobe, but either way, the items they wore for 9 months become a sweet reminder of the feelings of anticipation and tenderness that were growing along with the bump. So pick a day on your calendar, set a budget, make a list and go shopping!

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