What We're Known For

For 17 years, Mothers en Vogue has been redefining maternity and nursing wear

The Mothers en Vogue Mom & Tot collection

Crafted with natural, eco-friendly fabrics and clever nursing construction, our stylish - often right-on-trend - maternity clothing designs have attracted a loyal following among those who seek aesthetics and comfort.

As a leading nursing wear label and as one of the most established maternity shops in Singapore, we champion aesthetics, comfort and function. We embrace pregnancy with style. We espouse breastfeeding and find that with the right clothes (cleverly designed for feeding), it can make a difference and facilitate a successful breastfeeding endeavour.

"We wear Mothers en Vogue

... Because we see comfort differently"

 We believe a successful maternity and nursing wardrobe must begin with well thought-out designs that balance style, comfort and function. Beyond styling, MEV’s clothing that are designed for pregnancy and breastfeeding, must deliver equally on comfort. It must also be constructed with natural fabrication (think cotton, linen, bamboo – naturally derived yarns) and even better if ecologically derived. The rationale behind such demands is simple - nursing mothers and babies benefit most from wearing natural textiles as these are most comfortable and breathe-able and help reduce incidences of skin sensitivities or reactions.

We are a Singapore maternity and nursing wear brand, born in 2003 and have been dressing pregnant and nursing moms around the world. Our MEV brand founder, Sharon Ho-Norton - a mother with an intimate understanding of breastfeeding who is inspired by her personal motherhood journeys and those of other mothers - believes that breastfeeding, besides being beneficial for the child, should also be a positive and empowering journey for every new mom.

We are a brand that is conceived and designed by moms (the designers) – for moms.

Sharon & the MEV Team